The Enterprise focus mainly on Zinc7  Reselling & Logistics, like reselling of coal and Zinc-fiber reinforced plastics to high demand areas that lack in supply, with over a thousand M/tons per month (and increasing), this provides a slow but substantial profits for our “short term” needs. The mid-term focus is on  Mediating coal between strategic places (mostly China & Russia). In the long term the Enterprise specialist team are continuously  Researching for investment in Stocks (IPOs) and start-ups (with patents-pending) based on defense applications, plain crafts, car assembly & other big industries future needs that shows potential for mega profits.


7% DAILY RETURN FOR 30 DAYS: This plan was designed to return a steady daily interest of exactly  7% on principal (deposit), and last 30 calendar days. Interest will be auto credited into your account balance every business day (Monday to Friday) until your principal has expired after 30 calendar days. Upon expiry the interest would stop being credited unless you invest further.

If you’d start with $10,000 deposit, you’ll be credited $700 interest every  24 hours (on business days) for 30 calendar days. After 14 business days you’ll pass break even point with over 100% back and upon expiry your balance will amount to a total of ~ $15,400. You can withdraw from balance or re-invest (Compound) at anytime to increase your average monthly profit.

110% AFTER 7 CALENDAR DAYS: This short term plan was created for trial. It will return 10% net profit on your principal (deposit) after 7 calendar days. You will receive exactly 110% return in total (even on non-business days). The plan short lifespan gives less possibility for compounding and lower returns when compared to our longer term monthly ‘Z7 Plan’, but it should be preferable for members seeking out a faster break even point of 1 week.

If you’d start with $10,000 deposit in this plan, you’ll be credited a total return of $11,000 after exactly 7 calenddar days. Your net profit $1,000 and your principal of $10,000 will be automatically added into your account. You can choose to withdraw or re-invest to increase your profits at anytime.


ZINC7 works with the most popular payment providers — Payeer, Bitcoin, PerfectMoney Account, Payza and Advanced Cash.


Zinc7 is “digital funds distribution” platform in the lucrative field of Zinc & its sub-products. Zinc7’s platform isn’t directly connected to any management firms, nor involving its members with trading or communication with investment brokers. Our group channels and route funds into a well-established enterprise, which invest it in Zinc-fiber distribution and other ventures, in order to generate sufficient rewards for all involved. Zinc7’s platform key tasks are: offering highly liquid (short and mid-term) financially rewarded plans that our members could choose from, to make money online. Our platform easy-to-use interface allows members to transfer digital money quickly and securely. With the help of Zinc7 services, the enterprise promise to keep on trying to secure return on investment that improves our mutual growth.

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